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  1. A panini maker
    Put your god damn sandwich in a greased up pan and then cover it with another pan. This machine doesn't need to exist outside of a busy restaurant.
  2. A nespresso machine
    I just love that sweet sweet French press baby!
  3. A rice cooker
    A pot is just as easy why does this thing exist
  1. My roommate keeps her beautiful hand soap in a fucking shell with little white rocks because she's perfect
  2. I'm garbage
  3. The lighting in her bathroom is natural and she has a beautiful plant that she keeps alive
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  1. Jenny Lewis on a road trip
  2. Me at the doctor. Dad still happy like a real SOB.
  3. My dad after I told him he looked like Hitler
  4. This piñata
  1. This dresser I lost in a bidding war with a 60 year old monster at an auction in Palm Springs
  2. Grammy Jackie
  3. That's it
  1. At first you'd be intimidated
  2. Then you'd want to check it out from a better angle
  3. Then once it seems safe you'd want to check it out for yourself. But just a little.
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  1. This
  2. This
  3. That's it
I can never tell when it's Thanksgiving so I made this list to help me and other folks like me remember to eat turkey on this day.
  1. Have you told your mom she wouldn't know good cheese if it slapped her in the face?
    No? Then it's probably not thanksgiving. Yes? Could be any other day. Keep going to make sure.
  2. Are you alone in your home because your family finds you "insufferable"?
    No? Then it's DEFINITELY not a national holiday. Yes? Could be any other day. Better be safe and keep reading.
  3. Are you taking selfies with your dog, the only "person" who truly loves you unconditionally, and eating cereal?
    No? Go to work, dirt bag! It's not a holiday! You're late! Yes? Still could be any day. Unless of course it's some sort of trader joes pumpkin cereal! But then it could just be any day in November. Keep reading.
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  1. There's nothing worse than a weirdly shaped ottoman.
  2. This is a Spanish style home why are you decorating it like a drunk woman from 1965?
  3. This looks hideous.
  1. This reusable shopping bag
  2. My backpack
  3. This basket
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  1. Made cornbread
  2. Took 500 photos of my kitten in a basket
  3. Sold books to a used book store for 26$
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