Things I Do to Avoid Laundry

I hate doing laundry. Mostly putting it away once it's clean.
  1. Watch TV
    Even super annoying reruns of Flip or Flop.
  2. Cook
    Anything. Dinner, lunch, breakfast, dessert, snack, something random I just watched on the Food Network, or that recipe I concocted in my head last night.
  3. Quilt/Sew
    I love to pull fabric for potential projects. Sometimes I actually work on some of my unfinished objects.
  4. Play Cookie Jam
    I'm not ashamed to admit that I spend way too much damn time playing this game. I will not tell you what level I'm on, just that it would probably scare you.
  5. Play Wonka Slots
    Read the previous description
  6. Check email
    I mean I should definitely check and see if there's a work emergency or the latest issue of my favorite newsletter has arrive.
  7. Exercise
    Talk a walk, ride my bike, anything but burpees.
  8. Shop
    Either on the computer, my phone or in a store. Besides, when you never put clothes away you forget what you have, so you have to buy more.
  9. But I won't clean or vacuum 😂