Reasons Why I Can't Sleep

I never get enough sleep. Here's some of the reasons why.
  1. My dissertation isn't done.
    It is not even close to being done. I could be working on that, but instead I made this.
  2. The guy I like said something that could imply he also likes me or could mean nothing at all.
    What does it mean?!
  3. Donald Trump is running for president.
    What have we done?!
  4. I did something dumb in 7th grade and people might still remember it.
    Do they? Don't they? If I ask then they'll think about it. It's been 14 years, they can't! Can they?
  5. The group chat won't stop going off.
    FOMO of the discussions on the value of Yelp! reviews.
  6. My dissertation still isn't done.
    Stilllll not done. Stilllll not working on it.