This needs to be documented, because my breaks always start with well-intentioned productiveness, but end with "oh well. I'll get to it next break."
  1. Successful Christmas shopping ✅
    I've learned that I really do like giving gifts, I just need to get better at doing it sooner.
  2. Successful Christmas gift returns and exchanges ✅
    I'll put away returns until way past the 30-day return date and end up giving or throwing out what I bought. Sucks to throw money away that way, which is why I got it out of the way early this time!
  3. Cleaning out my college boxes ✅
    This one makes me sound old, but I recently got to go through and organize the stuff I brought home from college. It's been almost 3 years! 😱
  4. Finding college graduation money from my cleaning ✅
    It's like being paid to organize! But it also made me wonder if I ever sent out those thank you cards. I'm pretty sure I didn't. Sorry, fam.
  5. Cleaning out my bathroom ✅
    Ladies, I know you can attest to this one. So many products, so little space. Throw the shit you don't use and buy yourself some new shit to replace it with. When will it end?!
  6. Finally going through my unopened mail and organizing my bills ✅
    Now this one makes me sound old. I always thought ignorance was bliss when it came to bills, but it turns out they still keep showing up even if you choose to ignore them. So, I put my grown-up pants on and came up (Pintrest-ed... Is that a verb) with a system that works for me.
  7. Spending a grand-old time with the people I love the most like this man...
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  8. And this chick...
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  9. And these people...
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  10. And this guy...
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