1. My Girl
    The first song we ever danced to. I was 15. It was at my cotillion.
  2. Drive (For Daddy Gene)
    Takes me back to dad teaching me to drive. Always tears me up, in a good way.
  3. Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
    Almost any CCR song will do this, but especially this one.
  4. I Loved Her First
    A song that I hope to dance with him at my wedding one day.
  5. Through The Eyes Of My Father
    First heard this song in Argentina when I was super home sick. I balled cause every word is true. Favorite line: "He shows you what love is. Saw your dreams before you did." | Sidebar: I'd also love to dance this song with my dad.
  6. Life's Been Good
    Dad jams this music so loud. He knows the good stuff.
  7. Pobre Diabla
    Translated: Poor Devil. Something about that song. He didn't stop playing it for 2 weeks straight.
  8. Almost any song by Tina Turner.