Thoughts for a Complete Round Two Whole 30

This is not a resolution..just a mission. I've never successfully completed a Whole 30 after my first one. So here's to setting goals and reaching them.
  1. Day 0 - Damn girl! You bought your stuff and have it prepped and organized for the week. You got this.
  2. Still Day 0 - My farewell meal: chocolate Chex mix cereal. You will be missed... A few hours later, I had a ham and cheese sandwich with Doritos. Stomach hurting after the cheese, but it was worth it
  3. Day 1 - How great is matcha tea?!! Has me feeling some kinda way. But mom makes a sandwich and I want just one bite. Just one.
  4. Day 2 - I said no to this. Be proud.
  5. Day 3 - Not sure if it's the work grind that has me feeling so tired or the lack of sugar.
  6. Day 4 - Still feeling tired. Found a new reality show about diets. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Good to learn about other diets. Bad because it takes up 2 hours of my Thursday
  7. Day 5 - every Friday feels like a celebration day. I just want to celebrate with a coffee cake. From Starbucks. Right now.
  8. Day 6 - I might need to add a week of whole 30 to my whole 30. Too many temptations.
  9. Day 6 was my last clean whole 30 day. Oops