1. When your mother argues with the national park service unnecessarily.
    And was wrong. And rude. And gets out of the car to yell.
  2. Almost feeding a grizzly...on accident
    But packing up and getting away as soon as freaking possible. Luckily our food (or the littlest sibling) wasn't tasty enough!
  3. Running into crazy people in the woods with guns
    And then telling him all of our personal information, realizing he's crazy and having to move to a new camp ground out of fear.
  4. The first 15 mile hike by the youngster!
    She made it! And only 2 hours of complaining!
  5. Near mortal injuries in the middle of nowhere.
    Character building!
  6. Complaining on the drive to the vacation destination...about everything.
    Don't touch me. No seriously don't touch me! Are we there yet? Can we stop now? I have to pee.
  7. Sleeping in the tent and waking up in the middle of the night surrounded by a herd of elk.
    Nothing bad about this at all. Such a surreal experience.
  8. The realization that the discovery of new horse poop was a strong motivator in finishing hikes.
    One poop at a time. Made it the whole way!
  9. Recalling all these memories and being excited to do it all again!
    @Mashette @jsyrkinn @basiln55 can someone get @mamonides to participate as well?!?!