This is a list of things I've caught my little sister saying...she's a very dynamic character these days.
  1. "My hands smell like garbage and I'm gonna kill you"
    This is very out of context but still??
  2. "Hitler was such a douchbag"
    True but....where are you learning this foul language??
  3. "What are you staring at? This is a perfectly normal looking armpit"
  4. "Yeah, I came in your room and watched Zenon (the Disney movie) at 2am, got creeped out and ditched"
    Who gets creeped out by Zenon??? That movie is golden??
  5. (*sleeps until 2pm everyday*) "God I'm so tired"
    Laziness is unreal with this one
  6. Me: *sings for 2 seconds* Her: "what is this school of rock?"
    Like...can I live??