Warning: this is a list of extremely lame things, enjoy.
  1. Elementary school
    For some reason I watched PBS kids for an unreasonable amount of time in my childhood? I have no excuse for this except that I was a weirdo. As a young blood I was purposefully extremely rude and sassy, and @Campbelm15 can attest to that. I loved it mostly because I always got away with it.
  2. Elementary school extended
    My hair was always slayed to the gods. Braided up like no other with beads at the ends to top them off. If you don't think that's the cutest little black girl hairstyle, you're crazy. Thanks Nat (Mom). And also gauchos....um yeah....
  3. Middle school
    I had horrible taste in music in middle school. Very awkward phase for me. I lived for my iPod nano. That thing was glued to my hand. I dreamed of getting Starbucks before school. Such a pathetic 12 year old, I know. Also, last but certainly not least the ever so infamous teeny bopper group of girl-friends. We called ourselves the "only 8," I have nothing to say about this...
  4. High school
    Between 9th and 10th grade I had this unruly and near disgusting obsession with one direction. It's eating my insides just talking about it. This was a very transitional period for me. Music was a huge part. Besides that little blimp, I had a such a good time finding new bands...that I actually do miss.
  5. High school extended
    I lost a lot of friends and gained a couple good ones. I'd like to think I learned a lot and tried to culture my stupid self and become more independent. Also I started watching way too many TV series and movies? I still do this cause I'm sick. And lastly, I grew to like men WAY out of my league and foods way too high in calories. Such a dreadful mix.
  6. Currently (lol I graduated HS a month ago)
    Fetty Wap??? Drake??? Idk I'm having problems don't mind me :-)
  7. Lol anyways...back to your life