1. Check voice mail, e mail, texts and mail box (non - reimbursed)
  2. Answer voice mail, e mail, texts and mail box. (Non -reimbursed)
    This is largely calling back pharmacies and/or insurance companies because meds were not covered or unavailable or insurance company "suggests" another med. Yes, insurance companies feel they can dictate the meds that patients should be prescribed.
  3. Discuss the overnight drama of the inpatient unit with staff (non -reimbursed)
    This usually consists of (but not limited to) who was restrained, who got caught having sex, who threatened to kill me
  4. Begin seeing patients - a smattering of mania, depression and psychosis and we will call it a good day
  5. However, that is never the case.
    I spend most of my day arguing with patients about why they can not have an addictive med if they are currently admitted for treatment of addiction. I spend the rest of the day explaining to patients that the brand new med being propagated by big pharma is no different than the old med that cost approximately 2% of the cost of the new one.
  6. Physically restrain or seclude a patient. (Non reimbursed)
    In all likelihood they have just spit at me, or punched another patient or threw their lunch tray or - you name it
  7. Lead a group (non reimbursed)
    Probably the most helpful and professionally rewarding part of the day
  8. Chart and fight with insurance companies (non reimbursed)
    "Yes, Mr Insurance company Doc, I understand that you do not want to approve more inpatient time; but I am sure you heard me when I said that the patient is suicidal/dangerous/ currently restrained/homeless/alone/scared/sick..."
  9. See more patients
    Finish my charting on these guys tonight after my kids have gone to bed. (Non reimbursed). I do have to get home and live my life after all.
  10. Do it all again tomorrow, because someone has to at least try to help the most marginalized of us all.