Emotions I Feel as I Witness My Son Reading Harry Potter for the First Time

  1. Pride
    Obviously, this child is a genius both emotionally and intellectually. He is eight years old, eight. He is starting PoA. I am not talking about the good feelings and simple prose of years 1 and 2. Stuff is about to get heavy.
  2. Jealousy
    Do you remember when you first met Harry? The first visit to Diagon Alley? Your first ride on the Hogwarts Express? Now he gets to go to Hogsmeade for the first time and I don't. I already know how it ends. No suspense. No indecision about the morality of Snape. No more witness to the evolution of young wizard love. No more gut wrenching pain at the death of Sirius and Dumbledore and Hedwig and Dobby and Lupin and Tonks and Fred and of course Snape. But, this child gets it all for the first time
  3. Excitement
    I promised him that we would go on a mommy and Jamie trip to the Wizarding World when he finishes all of them. Read damn it, hurry!!
  4. Wonder
    No matter how many times I read these books, there is that same sense of wonder and excitement and, yes, magic. And now, all of that, through his eyes.
  5. Embarrassment
    Am I really this much of a dork?
  6. Some sort of pang in my uterus that must have something to do with evolution and the knowledge that my genetic material has been successfully passed on.
    I caught him reading in his underwear while getting ready for school in the morning. He asked if he could read while eating dinner. He can't put the book down! He speaks in spells and charms now. He gave me points yesterday (50 points, Mommy!) He has adopted a British accent. He told his brother to stop being such an Hermione. God I love these books, God I love this kid