1. Serial
    I have a very strong opinion on who killed Hae and I think everyone should know it. I now think I'm qualified to be a true crime detective based on the fact that I have listened to this podcast. Recommended training for any police detectives
  2. The Jinx
    After listening to Serial, my roommate's friend recommended The Jinx. We didn't realize he meant The Jinx HBO TV miniseries and downloaded The Jinx podcast, which is essentially a bunch of a frat boys giving their commentary on the show. They go into deep issues, like whether or not Criss Angel with a thin mustache would be a good fit for their casting of a Lifetime movie. Very different from Serial.
  3. Undisclosed
    Lawyers' analysis on Serial and now I'm inspired to be a lawyer again. Listening to this makes me feel like I'm smarter than everyone else
  4. Serial Dynasty
    Ok I like Serial, whatever. Whoever one day searches my work computer is going to think I'm insane because all of my recent google searches are about murderers and criminals and sociopaths. The search "mental asylum" has slipped in there too.