1. Walking and texting
    When people essentially stop moving in the middle of a busy street because they HAVE to let Susan know that gif she just sent her was soooo funny...but when I have to let Morgyne know her post was sooo funny it is ok and people should just walk around me.
  2. Eating messily
    If you are going to eat in my room, please do NOT spill crumbs. I will swoop in after you and sweep my hand on the floor for any residue. But if I do it it's ok because it's nothing a wet paper towel can't fix.
  3. Not responding to texts
    How do you not check your phone every five minutes. How is it that it's been FIVE hours since I've sent my text. I've run through every possible scenario in my head and all of them involve you responding to my text. But it's ok when I don't check my phone and forget about it and you should just wait for my response the next day.
  4. Surfing the web during class/work
    THIS is why you're unsuccessful. And if you are successful, it's not fair because all you do is the browse the web. But when I do it it's ok because sometimes I need a break to clear my mind. I know how I work best.
  5. Be basic
    Pisses me off when I see blonde girls in their Lulu Lemons walking out of yoga class with matching yoga mats and drinking their $8 juices, but when I buy Lulu Lemon leggings and talk about how I want to make mimosas and go to brunch it's ok because I'm just being me.