As a 42 year resident of The Last Frontier you can trust me. Or not.
  1. Pro: it's really really pretty.
    Con: it's winter almost all the fucking time.
  2. Pro: in the summer we have daylight 24 hours a day.
    Con: waking up at 3 o'clock- but you don't know if it's a.m. or p.m. and you freak.
  3. Con: Tourists. Thousands and thousands of older people in brand new Patagonia and Lands End.
    Pro: you can avoid them by not going downtown or any tourist attractions.
  4. Pro: Wildlife, up close and personal.
    Cons: wildlife, up close and hungry.
  5. Con: 97% of the state is only accessible by small plane or boat.
    Pro: great place to own a plane or boat.
  6. Con: we can't drive to our own state Capitol.
    Pro: we can't drive to our own state Capitol.
  7. Pro: Alaska is 3 times the size of Texas
    Con: every fucking map ever shows us as a tiny island, floating out in the Pacific next to Hawaii.
  8. Pro: we have great restaurants, breweries, hiking trails, clean air and plenty of clean water.
    Con: waaaaay too many hipsters.
  9. Pro: the State gives us money every October.
    Con: it's stupid expensive to live here the other 11 months.