It was quite the Monday for one djkhaled305...
  1. The day began as it usually does, blessing up over a breakfast of egg whites, turkey sausage and wheat toast. "Of course they don't want us to eat breakfast. So we're going to enjoy our breakfast."
  2. After breakfast, Khaled tends to some morning chores. First he waters the plants, then sprays down one of his many lions. "To make history, simple: you gotta make it."
  3. A multi-millionaire isn't above taking out the trash. "In life you have to take the trash out. If you have trash in your life, take it out."
  4. With the chores done, Khaled takes a mid morning stroll. These flowers catch his eye. "Surround yourself with angels."
  5. He pauses for a moment of reflection. Looking back later tonight,he'll wish he didn't follow his advice so closely. "Find peace. Life is like a waterfall; you gotta flow."
  6. Time to hit the water! Hopefully he has a waterproof case... *rushing wind* "WoOoOoOoOo!!!" *rushing wind*
  7. He slows, having noticed a police boat on the water nearby.
  8. Not pleased with the police presence.
  9. An up close look at some of the other vessels on the water today. This was the first sign of trouble (and perhaps explains the cops). "This is what you call a big-ass yacht."
  10. Soon after, Khaled pulls up to the dock of his good friend and business partner Rick Ross. They lunch, then Khaled returns to his watercraft. "Oh you think it's a game?"
  11. Uh oh... Khaled is stopped by the police.
  12. Still time to offer up advice in the face of adversity.
  13. Big trouble in Biscayne Bay. Who is Zay Zee? Does she have a boat? "It's DARK."
  14. Khaled is noticeably concerned.
  15. Famous rapper or member of the Blair Witch project? "It's pitch black out here."
  16. It's now completely dark, save for the light of the jet ski. "The key is to make it!"
  17. Still dark, but Khaled is calm enough to offer some practical advice. "The key is NOT to drive your jet ski in the dark. It's against the law."
  18. ...
  19. We made it! After a harrowing brush with a watery demise, Khaled is ready to win once again. He is panting heavily.
  20. Time to soak in the hot tub.
  21. Obtuse? Acute?
  22. Both literally and figuratively today, Khaled.
  23. 🔑