These are the top 5 bands or musicians I regret not having seen in my lifetime. Opportunity plays a part, as well as their availability, etc.
  1. The Clash- There were already in their Combat Rock/ Shea Stadium phase by the time I had money/transportation of my own. We were convinced they were over.
  2. Talking Heads- This is a missed opportunity! I was convinced that I didn't like T-heads when my friends asked if I wanted to go. Every time I hear one of their songs I get mad at myself.
  3. DEVO- These guys are genius. Stripped down Ramones, only with synths. Smart music for smart people.
  4. Tom Waits- A fairly recent discovery. I found him well after his troubadour days but still before he was immensely popular(?).
  5. The Tubes- The late-70's, early-80's incarnation. A friend saw them in SF and told me it was amazing. Now, I'm jealous.