So, my country ripped itself to shreds today. I voted remain. I suppose I'm trying to process a little bit....
  1. Shocked.
    It still hasn't sunk in
  2. Angry
    Really, really, really fucking angry. My generation has been sold down the river, mostly by the older generation.
  3. Scared
    So scared. Every economist has predicted recession. How long, how deep, what the long term effects will be, nobody knows. Who will be leading our country? Someone much more right wing than David Cameron.
  4. Ashamed
    We are being congratulated by fascists. And Donald Trump.
  5. Frustrated.
    I've come across people who are delighted. They think that leaving the EU is the answer to all our problems. Sadly, those who believe that we are going to be better off will probably be the worst effected by economic crisis.
  6. Sad
    So many of my friends and colleagues have told me they don't feel welcome here anymore.
  7. Lost
    I've always thought of myself as British and European. I've always been proud of that. I've always admired the ideals that were the foundation of the EU. Far from perfect, certainly, but I think it has achieved great things. Scotland's inevitable departure means the United Kingdom will cease to exist. My country as I've known it my entire life no longer exists.
  8. Alienated
    From 52% of my fellow countrymen. From whichever Tory fucktard (still angry) ends up leading us next. From friends and colleagues who voted to leave. I've never wanted to live in another country but now I'm trying to decide where to go
  9. Angry (so angry)
    This should never have happened in the first place. Fuck you David Cameron. this is your fault. Quite the legacy.
  10. Guilty
    Could I have done more. The answer here is yes. We all could. We didn't take this seriously until it was too late.
  11. Hopeful
    It can't be as bad as I'm thinking right? Right?
  12. Like drowning my sorrows
    But wine is going to become more expensive.