My personal favourite Eurovision entries of the last few years

disclaimer: these are the ones that have stuck in my head, they may not be the best!
  1. Armenia 2010 ( I think)
    This is just classic Eurovision. she's singing a powerful song (fist pump), there's a wind machine, there's a random dancer in the background and a completely bizarre prop....(wait, what? you didn't know Apricots are the national fruit of Armenia?)
  2. Poland 2014
    Some may say that having a scantily clad milk-maids erotically churning butter was a cynical ploy to win votes. It was and it certainly worked here, the UK gave them 10 points (out of 12)
  3. Russia 2012
    2012 was a vintage eurovision year. Russia sent these traditionally dressed Babushkas to sing about having a party.
  4. Finland 2006
    One of the joys of Eurovision is when someone does something a bit musically different (as opposed to staging different) Lordi did something pretty different with "Hard Rock Hallelujah"
  5. Austria 2014
    Conchita Wurst sang an epic ballad "rise like a phoenix" and stole the hearts of the auditorium.
  6. Ukraine 2009 (maybe)
    I can't even remember the song. But I know that I loved it. Pure bonkers eurovision at its best.
  7. France 2014
    When I was growing up France always entered the same boring ballad year after a year. Then all of a sudden they decided to mix it up and sent a bunch of trendies to sing about wanting to have a moustache. I loved it. Europe didn't, they came second last.
  8. Belarus 2016
    I can't even begin to express my sadness that this guy didnt make it to the final. It's a travesty!