To ask when interviewing a potential photographer to shoot your wedding
  1. What are your packages?
  2. How much are the packages?
  3. Do the packages include a second photographer or can I get one for an extra price?
  4. Are my digitals edited?
  5. What kind of editing is done to the images?
  6. Do you charge a fee for travel?
  7. Do you have payment plans?
  8. Do you shoot engagement photos as well?
  9. Can you give me information on engagement sessions?
  10. What kind of style do you prefer shooting?
  11. How long have you been shooting weddings?
  12. Can you go through your photography experience?
  13. Did you go to school for photography?
  14. Will we get to see proofs?
  15. How many images will you take and how many will we see?
  16. How many images are included in the price?
  17. How will we receive digitals? CD, website, etc.
  18. Before the wedding, will you need a list of shots that are a must? Brides family, grooms family, etc.
  19. What is the turn around time for images after the wedding?
  20. What is your cancelation policy?
  21. Do you have liability insurance?