Just an ordinary day
  1. Bad hair day
    Of course I would have oily, stringy looking hair today; wear it in a bun
  2. Coworker called out sick. Had to open studio for her
    This is not my usual job, I do not usually open a store and talk to people first thing in the morning. I'm a creative, behind-the-scenes type of gal
  3. Door was left unlock by closing person
    I'm glad the thousands of dollars worth of equipment wasn't stolen
  4. Turned on receptionist computer; it started crackling and smoking
  5. Internet does not work on alternative computer
    Cannot access calendar and client information Cannot clock in or schedule clients Why am I here?
  6. Studio manager and my supervisor unavailable to help, in a meeting for half of the day
  7. I'm bored.
    Hence this list
  8. Just realized I forgot the cards with all of the video stuff on them at home
    I'm an idiot
  9. Meanwhile, my fiance is enjoying a food truck festival in his office builfing parking lot
    Life isn't fair There's a tater tot truck (HE DOESN'T EVEN LIKE TATER TOTS!!!! AND HE'S BUYING THEM!!!!)
  10. Cannot get into vendor accounts because of old passwords and emails
  11. All apps on my Mac crashing and failing
    I hate that rainbow wheel of death
  12. Forgot I had to go to a show in Philly at 830pm. On a Thursday.
    I'm old and this is way too late for me on a week day
  13. Don't have anything to wear to said show
  14. Had a meltdown about my weight, clothes (or lack there of) and how I can never lose weight because I love food
    You know. Girl stuff.
  15. Hated show...
  16. Ate a bowl of pasta that made me sick later
    It was only $7...
  17. Had another meltdown because I'm self conscious about being an introvert and have anxiety talking to people I don't know (and to be perfectly honest, don't like)
  18. Went to bed after midnight. On a weekday.