1. Chapter 1: Third Time's the Charm
    My mother went into labor 3 different times! Once in July, and they had to stop it because I was too early. Once in August, and they had to stop it. I was finally born in September, after they had to induce labor and turn me around because I was breech😆
  2. Chapter 2: Kids See Everything
    The toddler and elementary school years. Parents divorce, I break my arm, my best friend and I practically live together.....and a bunch of real dark shit my mom put me through. They weren't the best years of my life.😐
  3. Chapter 3: Boobs, Boys, and Broken Hearts
    Middle school! Puberty! And since I was a tomboy all my friends were boys. And the broken hearts isn't because I dated anyone (my guy friends were pretty gross lol), it's because I moved halfway across the country.
  4. Chapter 4: A Desert Rat in a Cornfield
    Moving from Nevada to central Illinois is the worst. Everyone thought I was Arab simply because I had long dark hair and olive skin. I'm half Mexican. The racism was incredible. But I got through it, and actually ended up making friends!
  5. Chapter 5: Freshman Flirt
    After losing my virginity in 8th grade, I hit high school hard with the flirting. Made some mistakes here and there, but hey, that happens. Also includes the first summer I went back to the desert.
  6. Chapter 6: Meeting a Vampire Who Walks in the Sun
    Sophomore year a boy moved to my school who would change my life. We were together since the day we met....until the day he left me for my best friend.
  7. Chapter 7: Running Away from My Problems, and Creating 10x More
    When the boy from chapter 6 left me, I moved back to Nevada for my junior year. I dated my best friend and lost him after 3 months. He hated me after that, ending our best friendship of 14 years.
  8. Chapter 8: Preztels vs. Pirates
    Running away from my problems yet again. Leaving the desert yet again, and coming back to graduate in the cornfields. Also, getting back with the boy from chapter 6.
  9. Chapter 9: Trips
    After graduating high school (still dating chapter 6) I went on a road trip with my at the time boyfriend and his friends. We went all the way to California. This summer was also when I started experimenting with drugs, thus 'Trips'. I also went to Mexico the following winter with my at the time boyfriend. First time out of the country!
  10. Chapter 10: "This Weather F*cking Sucks"
    2015. The year my best friend for life (Hey Jacque) took a vacation from Nevada to come see me in the cornfields of Illinois. It was her first time in the Midwest and the humidity and storms were all new to her lol. A few weeks later she and I would take my best friend from the Midwest with us to Nevada and California. His first time in the west and it was June. He swore he was melting.😆 also that August I'd move in with my at the time boyfriend (chapter 6)
  11. Chapter 11: All I Want For Christmas is You
    The guy I dated in Chapter 7 joined the military September 2015. We started writing letters, and worked out everything. He told me he would be on leave for Christmas, so I planned to go back to Nevada for winter break. We found each other again and he's been back in my life since and reclaimed the throne as my favorite male in the world.
  12. Chapter 12: Awkward Adulthood
    2016, here we are. I started the new year at an IHOP in Las Vegas with my soldier best friend. Last Friday I drove down to Missouri for his graduation from basic training, and cried as I watched him get on a bus to his new station in Colorado. Chapter 6 and I broke up 2 days ago, and are now platonic roommates lol. Awkward.