Before + 1 (good memories from the 26th year of a girl)
  1. Neck piercing
    Rad and better than none
  2. Psychiatrist
    "So your brain knows to keep going even though hope, Is far from this moment, but you and I know it, Gets better when morning finally rears it's head" .. Open lockers from iron doors..keep it going
  3. Amsterdam
  4. The graveyard shift
  5. Disneyland
    With spongebob & mr c
  6. Divergent
    "This isn't real"
  7. Ravishing girl||soul
  8. Potterhead
    And Ravenclaw House
  9. London alone
  10. Twenty One Pilots ( Feb 24th)
    Still #londonalone but they deserve a point for their own
  11. Anxiety sucks
    Read next point tho
  12. But family love tho
  13. Tattoos (March 1)
    What's the propose ** keeping alive
  14. Harley Quinn