London edition
  1. I'm so sorry
    Why r u sorry? Take it easy
  2. Wicked
    What a must be
  3. Liverpool street station
    Here I am again (lush at the view)
  4. 1
  5. Leave luggage & come back
    Phoenix hostels is not quite as I remember.. Apart from the rooms.. Room 5 (alone for now)
  6. Where to go first
    Piccadilly Circus 🤗
  7. Down bed,near the window
  8. Where to go
    Embankment station -> Edgware station
  9. Les Miz
    No more Carrie oh
  10. Train trip
    No adaptor?! *noooo* eat mom's cupcakes 4evur
  11. London's calling
    Where to go
  12. Macdonald
    Happy meal,happy meal,happy meal 4evur
  13. 2
  14. Pause to eat
    Happy meal & water as the most cheapest meal in town
  15. Chinatown
    And it's decorations
  16. My feet at Covent garden
    Music as a soundtrack, Apple market,little shops & the little toyshop
  17. Forbidden planet
    Just walk straight ahead..and asdfghjkl
  18. Book fort
    I would live many stuff..I need this legs are walking,but my brain & heart say "why leave even"
  19. Now walk walk walk
    Piccadilly Circus is at the end
  20. Waterstones?!
    How even? What is life? Books to the infinite sigh
  21. Hi ben
    Who's taller? Big Ben wins
  22. Westminster abbey
    And all its royalty
  23. The road to Starbucks
    Gimme some hot chocolate! I have the mom's muffin