I'm a Potterhead from head to toe
  1. Just walk
    and walk..
  2. The road to Starbucks
    A very cold hot chocolate to wake up my dying heart
  3. Hyde park
    Visiting an old friend
  4. The big Hyde park
    Walk in the sun cause it is colder than you think,girl! People running peacefully.. Flowers and big troncos..ducks and swans and rivers and maps and I am an explorer discovering a million beautiful things
  5. Peter Pan
    Hello old friend..wa..wait..someone is calling me..it's you. Peter Pan is calling me (conversation is private so I need to search on the notes of my phone)
  6. Pause to eat
    Pizza Hut self-service? And I pay more?! Kay bye
  7. Alice's wonderland & Harry Potter's magical world
  8. British library
    Visiting Alice in her wonderland.. I am the "curioser & the curiouser"
  9. Alice
    Upside down,big and small,in mirrors, in walls and in snow balls without snow.."drink me"
  10. King's Cross Station
    We meet again..and again..and again..bring some good excitement to my vains please
  11. Eating stop
    Same macdonalds than 7 years ago..this is getting harder
  12. Euston station
    On my way to Harry Potter
  13. The sad trip to Watford Junction
    Dementors are sucking my happiness.. Nikita is holding me up
  14. Sitting at the platform
    Watching myself waste away
  15. Nikita
    And phone calls and tears and tattoos
  16. "I don't even feel like taking pics"
    Oh but you will.not to the bus,not on the bus,not even right after you leave the bus,but you will
  17. Welcome to the world of Harry Potter
    Sit at front,stay close to the Great Hall's door (it is good to know secrets sometimes) and be overwhelmed with the incredible moment..you are not crying anymore..you may be have a good time..let's try to enjoy..try is already good
  18. The Sorting hat is still there!!!
    Quick:a pic of the hat and the teachers costumes before everybody gets in the photo
  19. Luna Lovegood wand
    Right on spot
  20. Digital guide
    Dan Radcliffe first audition..fetus Dan
  21. O.O.O.O.O.O.
    I know where this is going!!!!!!!!!
  22. Hogwarts Express
    *.* platform 9 & 3/4, luggages, shops & my feet at the Hogwarts Express..
  23. Hogwarts Express lil details
    L+R 💟, costumes & luggages & cages & all the sweets in the world
  24. Time for a drink
    Butterbear: a mix of gas with ice cream on top & a kit kat in my pocket
  25. Late night visit to the outside world of Harry Potter
    Once again in Privet Drive (wish I'd pass here everyday), Golliks Hollow and the fastest bus on earth (it is purple which make it double cool) and the famous bridge ("watch your step") and chest pieces
  26. I am in a magical world
  27. Masks and v special special effects
    Doby, Hagrid, Goblins, ware wolfs,a book (which is sleeping),the bad part in all of us and crying plants