Just brilliant women who touched my heart with their strength & taught me how a superwoman is through them & their characters
  1. Meryl Streep
  2. @Debby Ryan
    It is hard to be funny and @Debby Ryan does that while wearing an elegant outfit..also produces.. also for helping me dealing with anxiety. For her kind soul,beautiful voice, "I can relate" lyrics & "never give up on ur dreams even while u're doing something else rn" Jessie..also hair goals & septum piercing
  3. Jennifer Lawrence
    Capable of doing every roles,but specially for the her intensity in The Hunger Games
  4. Juno Temple
    Definition of cool & adventurous. Rock n Roll became a person & that person is Juno Temple. For so many characters and the fierce to play them.. Also "little birds" owns my soul
  5. Ellen Page
    For Juno. For being a badass.
  6. Elizabeth Taylor
    "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf" & those amazing purple sharp strong good eyes
  7. Emily Brown
    For Sucker Punch. "You got all the weapons you need. Now fight"
  8. Shailene Wodley
    I might dunno her name exactly,but The Fault In Our Stars has my heart & The Divergent series owns my mind.."this isn't real" what I tell about my feelings/fears related to ocd..
  9. Marylin Monroe
    Always beautifully smiling.. Always get me sad
  10. Emma Roberts
    For so many stories: "it's kinda of a funny story" actually.."Adulthood" is life & Scream Queens is halloween in ours tv's
  11. Emma Watson
    Harry Potter is everything and Hermione is a roll model
  12. Lily Collins
  13. Scarlett Johansson
    Tell me reasons not to?!? None,yep
  14. To be continued