What made this Christmas a magical one
  1. Breakfast at home with everybody
  2. Giving gifts to my family
  3. Watching my dog being excited about Christmas too
  4. This was a very shailene woodley Christmas
    the fault in our stars movie/the divergent book..which I gave to myself cause I bought gifts for everyone including me
  5. Mom being sassy
    awesome badass
  6. Gifts I got
    cause I am not a child but of course I like getting gifts
  7. A beautiful eye keeper travel journey
  8. A very necessary and long wanted portable power battery
    & purple which make it double awesome
  9. Blue glasses cause fam=tradition
  10. A small Portuguese cock that symbolizes the power of being alive even with a mental disease
  11. A beanie and a scarf
    also purple..more purple..purple Christmas?
  12. A pair of socks that look good as a pair
  13. Playing domino with dad
    win when I didn't know what I was doing..loose 100-0 when I tried to figure it out oops
  14. Playing wiiiiii (& actually rock at it)
  15. Debby Ryan liked my fashion icon list and that was the cherry on top of the cake
  16. "Unbreakable" movie time with dad
  17. Looking for oil the afternoon before
  18. Seeing my angel sleeping & then looking at me & then smiling at me
  19. And food & cakes
  20. Grateful feeling that made me feel even more grateful