Hey you
  1. Right now u are lying in bed cause u need to sleep to go to work at midnight.. Next days u will see ur psychiatrist and u will go to London alone to see TOP..and you are scared about so many things but u are in the right path
  2. Hopefully when u read this,ur ocd is just a chapter that u finished
  3. In case it isn't and ocd is that enemy that you have to deal everyday, remember "divergent": "this isn't real"
  4. USA and Japan are like just a street u know very well and u go there many times just cause it's on ur way home
    There is no "if" in here
  5. Everything seem worst but you already understand that things happen and u grow,and some pieces of ur heart fall and never are glued back together.
    but that is no excuse to not use ur heart
  6. Rn ur family is who support ur heavy dream castle
    Never stop daydreaming..but dream with lighter things
  7. Also u are trying to be kind to ur family
    They deserve it
  8. "Have courage and be kind"
  9. Also Disney,Harry Potter and The Fault In our stars help with pretty much everything
    If u feel like u can't move,then lay down and watch movies..cinema in general is one of the arts that warms ur heart
  10. And if u are so down that u feel u can't move,that happened yesterday and today I am here writing to u
  11. Don't loose ur spirit..help it