Can I even make a list about ocd without the intervention of my ocd?
  1. You have many thoughts,some are yours,some are just like lil insects that come fly & stay on ur mind
  2. Those insects don't leave,they have wings and they can leave you,but ur mind is a cage and you lock them
  3. The insects will keep locked until you find their essence
  4. But they are not don't have to claim them.
  5. There is no guilt for having them
  6. There is no guilt for setting them free
  7. And even when you put eggs on ur mind that originates insects, you are human, you can make mistakes
  8. You can feel bad about creating those insects
  9. But u can let them free as well
  10. Regret it isn't the same of living with guilt
  11. I have done nothing more wrong than other people
  12. But I chose good. I see the insects but I choose to let them free,getting out of my eyes,see the truth
  13. You are not guikty
  14. I am not guilty
  15. And the fact that I am guilty free doesn't mean I have to feel guilty about it
  16. I am more than my ocd
  17. I am different even without my ocd
  18. I am a single flower with or without insects
  19. I am not guilty
  20. Break the infinit
  21. P.s.:don't tell people to control it.that's what their lives r about.
  22. March 16 - another one
    I have another compulsion.This time,bigger,but also older. & i have realized that,in this horrible circle,my obsession has become heavier,just like old days.The compulsion to tell,the need to say,the desperate desire to be confessed leads me to a terrible chain of thoughts, which ends in a bigger obsession, constant anxiety,until I get to talk to my psychiatrist.That's my compulsion,what will relief me.He will be my priest & I shall be save.. For the rest of the day. Then the circle begins again
  23. Obsessed with feeling guilty
    Update (March 16).one more least I know.and I am scared to know where I stay in the pyramid