A guide to (concert) happiness
  1. Stood 9 hours sitting down
    Yes my butt hurts
  2. It was cold and i had a scarf that I turned into a blanket
    Can't deal with cold ** 2 classic hot chocolates (with cream) from Starbucks helped a whole of a lot
  3. Time takes too long to pass by
    Make friends..make conversation..even if it feels awkward,you're gonna remember that person forever
  4. Security people were amazing
    I fell of twice,I wanted to know about my camera,they were always there and they were always fun.
  5. Stood standing 3 hours in the freezing cold
    Take any chance you can to sit down and don't forget to bend your legs so u will be ready to run
  6. Standing two more hours
    After the opening of the doors.. Front row is the perfect view. Watched Transviolets in the meantime..great group,awesome voice from the lead singer
  7. Music until they come
    It was like the story Peter and the wolf! Cause everytime the music stopped we thought TOP was coming out..but no
  8. "I'm gonna die"
    Very popular sentence..but make sure u die of happiness..and only after the concert!
  9. The concert
    Tyler is an elegant maestro punk and josh is a sweet drummer beast
  10. "Clapping is weird"
    "Keep it weird" - Tyler
  11. Medleys & highs & "stay low stay low"
  12. And then leave
    Even if u feel like u are abandoning a dream,leave and take care of yourself..you will remember that dream forever and it is yours.talk to your family..they'll understand how happy you are & they'll be happy with you..and if dad dedicates you a song,then *cries*
  13. Tyler & Josh share the same clothes..
    Tyler confirmed & he has an account. "Follow me" he said
  14. "They don't even know ur name"
    "It helps to know there are precious people like them out there" - sweet Roja. But I said "it's the music they give me that matters"
  15. Grab as many red & white papers as you can
    From the air,the ground..it's a free concert souvenir
  16. Hugs
    After the show ended,you and the person you met in line will hug..and then say goodbye..and then come back and hug again cause only we know how special that moment was
  17. Merch
    How can I not?
  18. Feel all the good emotions
    "It's the few,the proud & the emotional"
  19. Clique |-/ is the best fandom I have ever met
    So many nice people I can't even..let's soak their kindness and become more kind.
  20. "Marry me"
    Not so popular,but still
  21. Security also are fans
    Well,this one guy was a Bruce Springsteen fan..hope he got the ticket to The Boss concert
  22. "This the best concert of our tour"
    "This might be IT" - Tyler
  23. "After I count 1,2,3"
    Hey hey hey - "we don't believe what's on tv"
  24. It was a dream come true
    And It wasn't even a dream