Mothership take me home ✌️👽
  1. Got the rock sound on my sight
    And my boys on my hands! And Clique |-/ on my wrist
  2. Snapachat is fun
  3. But Wi-fi sucks
  4. Too many clothes
    Due to too many shops
  5. Tales r good to pass time
    And falling asleep..which helps time pass even faster
  6. Italian English speaking guy
    Known as Mateus..but that is a guess
  7. Not a cappuccino fan
    But didn't have to pay for it so kay
  8. Voices vs control
    Not a competition
  9. Purpose
    Never ever I heard so many times people talking about it.. Still questioning my purpose (view next list to read more (but not to know more) about this topic)
  10. "Your purpose is to go home rn"
  11. ? // |-/
  12. Nikita is an excellent strategize
    And a brilliant sister
  13. Twenty One Pilots r perfect for everything
    That's why I can always find a way to bring them up on every topic of every conversation Kay
  14. "Why give up.. If it is for the same thing"
  15. "I already have that information.thank you"
  16. Parents bet
    Wish dad would win (me finding a way to go to the concert) but it seems like mom has 51% chances of winning
  17. I'll miss Starbucks breakfast tho