Or a guide for one feeling depressed & instead of stop doing what one likes cause there is no energy,filled one's life with thing that one loves & filled one's head with good thoughts
  1. Watching movies
    And getting excited again about it instead of falling asleep during the movie
  2. Watch series
    Same as movies..also more series & movies means more cultured & inspired
  3. Read books
    Books are not a pre-sleeping action. Make your imagination work & dream while you have your eyes open
  4. Walk
    It may not get you too far physicality,but will make you wonder far mentally from bad thoughts and give ur mind a rest
  5. Talk to people
    be excited for having friends & honor those friendships
  6. Eat
    Not a substitute for sleep, but once in a while it's perfect for more energy..also chocolate!
  7. Make lists
    Get creative or do the boring thing.whatever, just do something
  8. Write
    Cause if u r not sleeping things will happen & u will wanna remember them
  9. Photography
    Just cause you like it..in any form or social media
  10. Youtubers
    U can always learn new things, have new perspectives & just re-watch videos u <3
  11. What videos of fav bands
    You may sleep with any lullaby playing,but u gotta keep ur eyes open to see ur idols and they're beautiful faces and let them inspire you through more than music (includes dyeing hair & wearing black)
  12. Tumblr