1. Mr. Morgan
    Amazing teacher. No filter and keeps it real. Does not give a fuck about what his entitled students have opinions on.
  2. Heath Ledger
    I miss him so much 😢 RIP
  3. Gabrielle Union
    Undisputed QUEEN. She's so flawless. And so funny in this movie. She deserves more than being the best friend of some random girl the dudes in that school were fixated on.
  4. The perfect villain
    Joey Donner is THE WORST. I don't find him attractive either?? Like very confused by the girls being into him.
  5. The overprotective father
    I like his parenting style. Idk he's nuts. It works.
  6. Katerina Stratford
    She was an outspoken and more extreme Daria. It was spectacular.
  7. That corny poem at the end that makes me melt every time.
  8. Heath Ledger with a cigarette.
    You might think this is redundant but it's not.
  9. Allison Janney as Ms. Perky
    A guidance counselor who's also an aspiring erotic novelist ?!? Played by Allison Janney?!? She's the best.
  10. The scene where Heath Ledger performs "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"
    I know this would never happen and if it did happen to me I would be mortified but it's still endearing.