1. You check your horoscope with conviction.
  2. You say things like "it's leg day"
    You can do it but I don't wanna hear about it.
  3. You don't believe in evolution.
    Why??? How?!?
  4. You say "calm down" or "relax" in a situation where I'm upset.
    My hair will turn into snakes a la Medusa and I'll turn you to stone idgaf
  5. You try to get me into sports
    Don't bother. I hate sports go find a team to do things with and leave me out
  6. You becoming co-dependent on me so much that you've isolated everyone else around you
    Have your own life outside of me please. I get I'm fantastic but there's a few other fantastic people and things out there.
  7. You don't watch tv
  8. You say things like "panty dropper"
  9. You say "that's a chick flick, I won't like that" when I bring up a movie.
    Omg please just fuck off.
  10. You expect me to be anything other than me. Don't change me. I'm uncompromising about this.