This list is the foundation of what I would want my future to be as I endure my cliché 20s anxiety.
  1. "The Golden Girls" set up
    This means I want to live with three of my best friends and it never seems like we work, we just date and have work problems from time to time. The cheesecake is nice too but I'd like us to have our own thing.
  2. New York or Boston
    Only two cities I want to live in. I would travel and spend some time other places but this is where my permanent residence would be.
  3. Work
    So realistically I need a job. Right now I'm working towards being a physician. Life-long dream basically. BUT, if the opportunity to write a fun HBO sitcom that's semi-autobiographical with my friends came up, I would do that.
  4. Weekends
    Weekends are for me catching up on TV. I love TV. That will never change, I know that.
  5. Vacations
    My sister travels a lot for her job right now and I assume if she keeps that up in the future I would go visit her in those places she's visiting. That'd be cool.