1. Musicals
    I have no idea how I am the child of a woman who doesn't like musicals. If I could sing I would wake up every morning singing "Good Morning Baltimore" but my mom is not having that break out of song and dance. Damn.
  2. Anything indie
    I genuinely just think she thinks it's pretentious art school bs and she's right to a certain extent. But she dismisses it without giving it a chance.
  3. Animated
    "I watched cartoons when I was a child". She leaves the room when I watch Pixar.
  4. Horror
    I agree with her on this one. I want to be pleasantly distracted for 90 minutes. Not nearing a panic attack. Hard pass from both of us.
  5. Slapstick comedies
    These are hit or miss for me but she is just disgusted by them.
  6. Fantasy
    She will not be a part of the Twilight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Matrix cult following.