There's a lot and I probably forgot most of them.
  1. "Amy" - the Amy Winehouse documentary. This one was the most recent. It left me emotionally wounded.
  2. "You Got Served" - it's a dance battle movie but it's intense. No spoilers though.
  3. "Revolutionary Road"- you have hope all through the movie but nothing improves and it nails the essence of the human experience.
  4. "The Notebook"- I didn't cry at the ending, I cried during the scene where Alli pulls over and reads Noah's letters. That killed me.
  5. "Up"- I watched this for the first time while babysitting and had to hide my tears from an 8 year old who is apparently a rock and doesn't cry while watching a devastating event take place in a loving family's life.
  6. "Toy Story 2" & "Toy Story 3"- any story that depicts the transition from childhood to adulthood - I'm done.
  7. "Gone with the Wind"- multiple times. That Scarlett was a great anti-hero.
  8. "Mrs. Doubtfire" - I had two separate but similar cries over this. One before Robin Williams had passed and one after when I rewatched it.
  9. "Blue Valentine"- Ryan Gosling has me crying a lot.
  10. "Becoming Jane"- cried because of James McAvoy. And because I related to Jane Austen played by Anne Hathaway in a surprising way.
  11. "Frida" - she means the world to me and Salma Hayek's portrayal of her told the story beautifully.
  12. "Love Story"- made me want to just give up.