Universal holiday classics.
  1. The Godfather P.I
    This movie is all about family.
  2. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
    I mean this ones a given. Also Steve Martin is the best.
  3. Stepmom
    You should always watch this movie. Susan Sarandon AND Julia Roberts?!? Yessss. You will cry tho and its heartwarming and full of all the best emotions and holiday warmth. Ugh I love this one.
  4. Harry Potter (any of the 8)
    Sometimes your friends are your family !
  5. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
    I love Charlie Brown. I also just read an amazing article about the history and meaning about the comic strip. It's a classic.
  6. For Your Consideration
    CHRISTOPHER GUEST MOVIE!!!! And all the funny wonderful people are in this including Catherine O'Hara who people mistakenly believe only did "Home Alone" movies.
  7. Meet the Parents
    Everyone in the family will watch this and laugh. Also you could go back to a time when Robert DeNiro doesn't do movies with Bradley Cooper.
  8. Literally anything on lifetime
    They have such great holiday movies that are objectively awful but it's one of those "so bad it's good" things.