Me me me !
  1. She teach me how to live, she ain’t afraid of life Not easily impressed with the rich and famous life Cause she done been there and heard all the rumors before She love or she ride out with me on my music tour - "Cherry Wine" Nas ft. Amy Winehouse
  2. 1 good girl is worth 1000 bitches - "Bound 2" Kanye West
    I'm the good girl. Or one of the bitches. Idgaf.
  3. I love bad bitches, that's my fuckin problem - "Fuckin Problem" A$AP Rocky
    These rappers have 99 problems and I'm one of them.
  4. Honey, check it out, you got me mesmerized With your black hair and fat-ass thighs - "Electric Relaxation" A Tribe Called Quest
    I'm the opening line of this classic.
  5. She's heavy on the mind sometimes it's more than I can handle - "Otha Fish" The Pharcyde
  6. Cause you don't love them boys Pussy run everything, fuck that noise - "Make Me Proud" Drake ft. Nicki Minaj
  7. Love yourself, girl, or nobody will Oh, you a woman? I don't know how you deal With all the pressure to look impressive and go out in heels I feel for you Killing yourself to find a man that'll kill for you - "Crooked Smile" J.Cole ft. TLC
    J.Cole wrote this with me in mind and how I would be so touched by his words and empathy.