1. The way they make fun of Matthew McConaughey.
  2. Pete constantly impersonating him as his True Detective character is v good.
  3. And in the episode where he quotes Nietzsche is like so delicious I kiss my fingers like an Italian chef.
  4. And the annoying grace girl is all "you don't need to quote Nietzsche and be a douchebag".
  5. There's a great takeaway from this.
  6. Which is that you should not be involved with or interact with someone who quotes Nietzche irl.
  7. Don't need that in your life.
  8. It is mostly dudes in their 20s/30s who think they have this layer of depth that makes them borderline interesting.
  9. That's not the case.
  10. You're just quoting a philosopher.
  11. I will never understand why the fuck Matthew McConaughey has to quote Nietzsche in True Detective as he makes an arrest but whatever.
  12. To me these guys are just overcompensating for something and that's gross.
  13. That's all.
  14. Also Scream Queens has Niecy Nash and Lea Michele and they're both undeniable stars.