Drake's iconic "hotline bling" song centers around an elusive girl who no longer gets in touch with Drake because she is out living her best life / greatest truth. She inspires me for the following reasons...
  1. This girl was involved with a major hip-hop/R&B star and has gotten over him. This is the underlying theme that holds the significance of her inspirational life.
  2. She has "started wearing less and goin out more". Her confidence has just shot up now that she is finding herself and it is FANTASTIC.
  3. The "hotline bling" girl has started "Hangin out with some girls [Drake's] never seen before". She's making new friends, expanding her horizons, really getting out of her usual day to day routine and exploring the beauty and strength of female friendship.
  4. She is "runnin out of pages in [her] passport". This might be the best and most inspirational part of her post-Drake breakup. She's TRAVELING THE WORLD! People write songs and books and poetry about traveling the world. A dream come true.
  5. Despite Drake going on and on about how she should be miserable because they're not together anymore - she refuses to live in self-pity and allow her breakup with Drake to define her.