1. Tyga denying Paul McCartney into his Grammy's after party
    I feel like he doesn't know who Paul McCartney is.
  2. While we're on the subject of Tyga, how are Kardashians & Jenners ok with him dating Kylie??
  3. The ending of Revolutionary Road
    I wouldn't change a thing about it - but it was still insane.
  4. Why did Edward have scissors for hands in the first place? How?
  5. Ellen giving away money to people being nice to gays or being vine stars.
    Ellen, I love you 4ever and ever but like I got a hefty student loan debt from college I would appreciate you contributing to. Much love ❤️
  6. This last Zoolander movie
  7. Kanye tweets.
    Like how he said he saw Zoolander 2, TWICE.