1. When Matthew McConaughey quotes Nietzsche in True Detective Season 1 and is saying "Time is a flat circle" to a group of criminals as he makes an arrest.
    This might be The worst thing ever. I hate it so much.
  2. Decaf coffee
    There is no point to decaf coffee. Especially people who drink it in the morning. What is that?
  3. People who say "oh I don't watch TV" in a tone that is supposed to convey how interesting that makes them.
    Not watching TV doesn't make you interesting. It makes you a wet blanket.
  4. The sound of people slurping their hot beverage and/or soup.
    In "She's the Man" the old lady at the debutant luncheon tells Amanda Bynes's character to "chew like you have a secret". I'd apply that to anytime you're eating anything.
  5. When your eyeliner runs down over the course of a day and no one tells you that you look like a raccoon.
  6. When couples hold hands walking down the street and refuse to detach even though it's an inconvenience to other people walking down the street.
  7. The high pitch voice adults use to speak to children.
    You don't need to talk to children in some ridiculous way. They can understand you if you just speak in your typical conversational tone.
  8. Bradley Cooper in all his roles and in real life.