It's eerily terrifying as I watch myself morph into her but also kind of fun and cute!
  1. When I use a public bathroom I use a paper towel to open the germ ridden door and also just do my best to avoid touching anything.
  2. I gawk over babies.
    Oh man cute chubby babies are the shit. We bond over this one.
  3. I hold a mean grudge and give people the silent treatment when I'm upset
    This is 100% her doing even though she's evolved and better at confrontation than me.
  4. Start complaining about service somewhere the same way she would but not to the people who work there - just to whoever is with me.
  5. Over-analyze interactions with other people when I think they upset me or I upset them.
    We do this a lot. It's super scary witnessing something so specific in someone else. Especially since my sister is not like this at all.