1. when you're standing in a line and there's a gap and someone won't move up so you feel like you're farther back in line than you really are
  2. when you're at a movie with someone else and they eat most of the popcorn before it even starts so you have to feel cautious about your popcorn eating for the rest of the movie because there isn't enough to last
  3. when you're wearing socks inside boots and they start to fall down to your ankles and it feels uncomfortable
  4. that feeling when you eat too much pasta too quickly and it feels like there is a ball of pasta moving slowly down your esophagus and it is so painful
  5. when the phone charger is just a bit too short to comfortably use your phone while it's charging so you have to hold it at a weird angle
  6. when girls are gossiping about other girls and you don't want to be rude but you really don't want to be a part of it
  7. when your jeans fit perfectly in the morning but gradually get too baggy around the knees throughout the day
  8. when you're taking a bubble sheet test and you get a bunch of one letter in a row so you start to doubt yourself and then you feel the need to purposefully change one
  9. when you can't hear something someone said so you say "what?" and then they say never mind and you really just want to know what they said
  10. when people put "..." in their texts, as I ALWAYS interpret ellipses as sass or passivity or indifference