A running list.
  1. Getting to do whatever you want, whenever you want.
  2. More time to work out
    I am always less physically in shape when I am dating someone. I want this to never happen again.
  3. Closer relationships with more friends
  4. Less dumb fights
  5. More great late nights of reading and watching T.V.
    Less great nights of sex and cuddling. Actually a pretty fair trade.
  6. No worrying if someone finds your new haircut / sweaty gym clothes / weird face / etc. attractive
  7. Shameless and guiltless checking out of strangers
  8. Also, the freedom and excitement of meeting strangers
    Anything can happen!
  9. Leaving parties / places in general on your schedule
  10. No sharing beds / sweaty summer sleeps
    Hello, cool pillow. You are my summer fling.
  11. More side-adventures
  12. More time to think about where a you want to be in life / career / etc
    Introspection and time to think your own thoughts is BIG, people. And time to do so is already so limited!
  13. Not missing anyone when you go away
  14. No *is this the right person for me?!* anxiety
    Because you're always the right person for yourself - duh.