1. You can see your city / town waking itself up
    It's pretty much like that scene in Beauty and the Beast, except in New York it's a lot of garbage pick up and screechy bodega garage doors opening. But it's still beautiful!
  2. No traffic
  3. Great cool weather
    I have not worn pants this month because the humidity gives me heat rash but OH BABY it was perfect out this morning
  4. Alert, refreshed pilots
    ...might be lying to myself on this one
  5. Second breakfast
    Needs no elaboration
  6. More time where you're going!
    In theory at least - in practice today I'm gonna spend most of today in an airport but that's okay cause ...
  7. Better people watching
    People are definitely weirder in the morning, especially before they've had their coffee.
  8. No all-day flying anxiety
    I'm a pretty calm traveler, but I still hate waiting all day to go to the airport. I'd rather just wake up n' go, y'know?