I've been spending a lot of my time lately around some pretty awesome couples. So obviously I've been secretly evaluating their relationships to determine what works. (Disclaimer: I am single and terrible at having functional relationships. This list is more for me than you at this point.)
  1. They brag about each other
    Like Jewish moms, the best couples are openly proud of the others accomplishments.
  2. They look good together
    This is obviously up for visual interpretation, but I find that great couples somehow fit together aesthetically - not like they look like each other, but like you would hang two pieces of art in the same room
  3. They don't fight with eachother in front of other people
    Unless those other people are their kids - hi mom and dad, love you!
  4. They've figured out a cooking situation that works for both of them
    Kitchen dynamics are vry vry important. I don't care what your arrangement is, but both parties have to be down. I know this in part because I dated someone who was amazing at cooking, but so much so that I felt too intimidated to ever cook for them and often got relegated to chopping garlic or sipping wine at the counter, which may sound good to some but was sad to me because I too really love to cook. This situation was a microcosm of all of our dysfunction.
  5. They touch eachother in front of people
    I'm not looking for PDA, because I'm not a creeper, but I think a well-placed hug or hand squeeze goes a long way in demonstrating that two people actually like eachother
  6. They like doing stuff together
    I'm all for individuality in relationships, but if you don't have one activity in common -- or something you're excited to do together -- why bother? Really. Biking together has probably saved my parents' marriage several times.
  7. They don't make single people feel weird to be hangin' out with them