Stuff I'm going to when I am done my first year of law school

Last exam is April 26 !!!
  1. Get actual blinds for my kitchen
    Right now they're just pieces of white foam my dad pinned up when I moved August 2016
  2. Clean all the stray bits of garbage out of my front lawn and plant a garden with my girlfriend
  3. Sleep 12 hours, no alarm
  4. Go to museums - literally, all the museums
  5. Walk into all the little bougie shops in my neighborhood I've never had time to go into
  6. Donate the giant bag of clothes I've been moving around my apartment
    Notice how this list is mostly basic life errands
  7. Make a budget for my life
  8. Finally order the stuff from Amazon that I want
  9. Go sex toy shopping
  10. Read my book for like, 4 hours straight at a cafe
    Hilton Als "White Girls"
  11. Get a mop and actually mop my floors
  12. Set up my back patio
    It's gonna be so nice out there! You should come over!
  13. Get a haircut
    My first one since December finals
  14. Binge watch The Get Down
  15. Listen to S-town
  16. Read this cover to cover outside with a Campari soda
  17. Maybe an impromptu trip to New York for this
  18. Go on a book shopping spree
    I wanna read fiction again !