I'm working the early shift at work and I am gleaning endless wisdom
  1. The Facebook cafeteria workers have phenomenal taste in music
    Lots of old school R&B and hip hop including "if I ruled the world" and "same ol' g"
  2. New York is DIGUSTING
    This is more of a reminder than a new lesson, but on my way to work I passed by a pile of stray shoes, what looked like GIANT puddles of throw up, and several dogs pooping in the middle of the sidewalk (so glad I've been wearing sandals all summer!)
  3. My commute is terrible for sunrises, good for sunsets
    But I did see the reflection of the sun in all the shiny midtown buildings
  4. No one drives before 7am other than sanitation workers
  5. But lots of people bike
    Yay bikes!
  6. The weather is perfect
    It's going to be record breakingly hot in New York today but WHATEVER not at 6am it's not
  7. The early bird gets the worm
    And by that I mean breakfast. I'm going to be the first person at breakfast.