Is that grammatically correct? I just mean this is a list of stuff I'm into these days in a slightly obsessive way OK
  1. Apple juice
    Especially cold from the fridge right from the bottle. Or on ice. JUICE GUYZ
  2. Hot 97
    Buying a radio was the best life decision I ever made. 97.1 New York, it's where it's at
  3. The Standard's One Night Stand
    A dope hotel room in your own city for 100ish bucks? I'm about to be broke because this is life-changing and I don't want to leave
  4. Biking the loop around Prospect Park
    Bonus points if it's golden hour. But really, this is one of the most beautiful parks in the world and it is my favorite one in New York
  5. Researching Montreal condos
    Because New York you're great and all but you're also expensive and mean and I miss my nana
  6. Pumpernickel bread
    It's so much better than whole wheat and we all know this
  7. Caprese salads
    With basil from my little basil plant that I might be drowning slowly but for now is giving me great fresh salad herby goodness. It ain't quite tomato season yet which is sad but OH JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL IT IS
  8. The beach
    Why am I not there right now? I don't know. I don't know.
  9. Having short hair
    Ladies, we've been deceived and deprived. Cutting my hair short is the best beauty move I've ever made. Can I shave it all off? I might shave it.
  10. Telling everyone I'm a dog whisperer
    Okay, this one is probably the strangest. But really, the dogs know I'm talking to them under my breath.